The RuDu Life Story

Rudu Beginnings Page 1Rudu Beginnnings Page 2 RuDu Life massage bars are built on the concept that living a healthy lifestyle means being in harmony with everything around you…  Including the products you put on your body.  By using only the most wholesome, organic ingredients without fillers, our goal is make products that you’ll love to use because they help you feel at one with mother nature and the universe around you.

We’d like to thank our good friend and comic book artist, Zach Lehner, for creating our concept comic for us.  He took on a huge job that was undoubtedly fueled by many cups of coffee and probably a few late nights, too.  He captured the essence of our company perfectly and recreated our cats Ru and Du, the namesakes of our company in true comic book style.

Check out more of his animated shenanigans at his official site,  or