It all started over a decade ago when I broke my leg and was forced to use crutches for over six months as my leg healed.    Throughout the next 6 months, I suffered from extreme and painful chaffing on the skin under my arms due to the constant rubbing of the crutches as I used them to get around.  I tried all types of lotions and ointments to relieve the pain and protect my skin but, found that they irritated my skin even more.

What I later discovered was that most of these products contained alcohols and other synthetic ingredients that can irritate and dry out sensitive skin.  It took me 4 nearly months of searching to finally find something that worked.  Although this product wasn’t organic, I noticed that it lacked many of the harsh, synthetic ingredients found in many of the ointments I tried previously.  I was finally able to get the relief I was seeking and resume my long recovery process in comfort.

Fast forward about 8 years; realizing that using higher quality natural and organic products was better for my body, I became a label reader.   I began researching products before purchasing them and discovered that products with a higher percentage of natural ingredients delivered just as good results as those without and I felt better about what I was putting on my body.  But, I didn’t want to stop there.

Though I was now using mostly natural and organic products on my skin, there was one thing I was still concerned about.  They looked nice and smelled good but, many of them still contained fillers and other ingredients that weren’t 100% natural.  Considering that I was using these products daily, I was curious to see if it was possible to create a product that didn’t contain any fillers or other unnecessary ingredients. 

One night, I came to a conclusion: what if I tried making my own products?

 As a scientist with a background in chemistry and biology, I decided to use my knowledge and make an all natural product that didn’t skimp on quality.  I experimented for months coming up with test bars and using different essential oils, butters, waxes and carrier oils and finally, I found the perfect combination of all natural ingredients to produce the highest quality massage bars on the planet.  And that, is origin or RUDU.

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